How to Get Free Gift Cards UPDATED!

What on the planet do you really need right now? Will there be a gift that you actually want? How about a property service that you're looking for assistance with? Buying a dozen eggs or perhaps a pantry staple? You most likely will get it, and think it is for super cheap, at Amazon basically sells it all nowadays, which is why Gift Cards are just like cash to numerous people.

Get Your Gift Card Now

Amazon's days to be just an on the web book store are long gone. The word ‘books'doesn't even show on their homepage anymore. With enough Gift Cards, you can really buy everything (except love, of course). Getting unlimited Amazon cash without exhausting your actual cash may be the tricky part. However, there are certainly a few methods for getting Amazon Gift Cards for free. Yes, free – no cost, no fees, no hidden strings. We're here to tell you about the easiest ways to accomplish so.

Use your Amazon gift card to look for everyday items.

Can you really get free Amazon gift cards?

Yes. We will highlight the simplest and fastest way to get Amazon gift cards for free below. *

* There's no such thing as a free lunch. Nothing in life is free. If you're not paying, you're the product. These old adages certainly ring true time and again. You could argue that you're always quitting something of value to obtain something of value. But, there's also countless times we quit valuables without getting the best deal in return, and times we aren't really monetizing our resources. Think of a time when you were bored, scrolling on your own phone… Getting Amazon credit for minimal effort and no financial cost is such a great deal, it should be free.

Best eGift Cards: vs

Amazon isn't the sole place on the internet that sells basically everything. Big box stores like TargetThe Home Depot & Lowes are in possession of massive online retailers that sell thousands of items. The store that comes closest to Amazon's seemingly infinite reach though is According to public data, sells a total of 119,928,851 products in the United States, at the time of April 2019. Walmart's total is probable less than half of that. But, either store has more than enough stuff to get to keep your inner consumer monster satisfied for 10 lifetimes. So, in the event that you have the option, would you rather get a free Amazon or Walmart gift card?

Both sites offer free two-day shipping with very modest restrictions; both have large scale grocery businesses (have you heard of Whole Foods?), and massive entertainment categories (think of Apple's itunes on steroids). There is also virtual wallets that function like PayPal let you accumulate multiple gift cards in one single place, which makes saving up for larger purchases much easier. Ultimately, the option likely comes down to personal preference, though if you curently have access to an Amazon Prime membership, you are probably better off sticking to Amazon's eco-system for some of one's online shopping needs, given all of the perks built-in compared to that program. The past factor to remember though is that the one thing Amazon & Walmart don't sell is each other's gift cards – so once you have a gift card for one store, you've made your final decision!

Ways to win free credits

Only a little luck never hurts, and if you have a penchant for always winning the golden ticket, the easiest way to get free Amazon Gift Cards is always to enter sweepstakes for them. There are lots of sites online that host these games of chance with free entries. Our favorite is Swagbucks Swagstakes, where almost a million users have walked away as big winners to date. The prizes are usually changing, but there's typically Gift Cards up for grabs, some with as high as a one in three chance of success for just one entry. Be aware – giving your charge card or linking your bank account just to enter a sweepstakes for a chance at the grand prize is never a good idea. Play the free ones if you enjoy them, but don't risk anything higher than a few game tokens for something you could not win.

The fastest way to earn a $25 Gift Card

Winning a sweepstakes may be the easiest way to obtain free Gift Cards, they aren't guaranteed, and if you're not winning straight away, they certainly aren't the fastest solution to earn that elusive free gift card. The more sure-fire approach is to register for an on the web rewards program that gives you gift cards in exchange for doing everyday things online, like winning contests, watching videos, answering survey questionnaires, buying essentials & coupon clipping. Sites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, MyPoints and ShopAtHome offer all that and more, providing you a chance to earn free gift cards quickly, without spending anything more than you would otherwise.

When looking for the best online rewards site for you, choose one that 's been around for a long time and have earned sterling reputations from The Penny Hoarder, Dollar Sprout and Well Kept Wallet – legit personal finance sites that vet potential money-making opportunities to make sure they are both safe and worth your time.

Three quick options to get them for free

How do this be the fastest method to earn a $25 Gift Card? Well, let's provide three examples from Swagbucks to show:

  • Method 1: Join Swagbucks for free. Take a look at their featured offers section and select the Hulu deal. Try Hulu (The amazing online streaming site where all of your favorite TV shows live) for one month for $5.99. Only for trying Hulu, Swagbucks will give you 3300 points, called SB, which you may redeem for Gift Cards. 3300 SB equals $33 in gift cards, plus, once monthly you are able to claim a $25 Amazon Gift Card for only 2200 SB, meaning you spent $5.99 to get a month of great TV + $36 in Gift Cards. Total time spent: 2 minutes. Unbelievable deal? You bet.
  • Method 2: Still join Swagbucks – no cost. Take care of your everyday online shopping at all your preferred sites through Swagbucks Shop & Earn portal. Get 1-25% cash back on every purchase you make, depending on the store. In no time you've racked up 2500 SB from a few purchases that you had been already going to produce, which you can instantly redeem for a free $25 Amazon Gift Card.
  • Method 3: Swagbucks. Sign up for it. For free. Don't spend a dime. Pick an occasion when you are a bit bored or else not doing anything important. (note: dinner together with your family is not a great time). Have a few online paid surveys through Swagbucks and earn 50 to 3000 points on each one you qualify for. Feeling bored with surveys? Watch a few viral videos or clip some digital grocery coupons for more points. Rack up points, called SB for all you do. Cash out for Amazon Gift Cards with less than 300 SB and you've just earned yourself a totally free gift card the simplest, fastest, free-est way possible.

How to redeem Amazon Cards instantly

Once you've cashed out for Gift Cards from your chosen online rewards portal, you may have a 16-digit card number that you can add to your Amazon balance here. The gift card value will soon be automatically put on your Amazon balance, usually instantly, though sometimes normally it takes a few hours to process. You will be needing an Amazon account to get this done process. Accounts are free to create and only require an email address. Amazon gift cards have no expiration date, so feel free to save lots of that gift card balance for something big. Google Amazon Gift Card FAQ or chat Amazon customer care for more information. 

Reloading Amazon Gift Cards online

Once you have your Amazon account site up, you can reload your balance at any time, either with more free gift cards from sites like Swagbucks, or from your own credit or debit card. Amazon even enables you to apply custom balances from prepaid Visa & Mastercard Rewards cards. There is a constant need certainly to overlook those small balances remaining after having a big purchase on prepaid cards.

eGift Card Details

These Gift Cards never expire and you are able to redeem towards millions of items at Amazon's huge selection includes products in Books, Electronics, Amazon Echo and Kindle devices, Music, MP3 Downloads, Video on Demand, DVD, Apparel & Accessories & Video Games, Software, Sports & Outdoors, Toys, Baby, Computer & PC Hardware, Home & Garden, Jewelry, Beauty, Cell Phones & Service, Home Improvement, Office Products, Camera & Photo, Pet Supplies, and more. This page is the place to locate and discover most situations you intend to buy online at a great price.

Get Your Gift Card Now is not just a sponsor of the article. Except as required by law, Gift Cards can't be transferred for value or redeemed for cash. Gift Cards may be used limited to purchases of eligible goods on or certain of its affiliated websites. For complete terms and conditions, see ACI Gift Cards, Inc., a Washington corporation, issues GCs. ©,®,™ Inc. and/or its affiliates, 2012.

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